Art & Soul II


3,4,5 of April 2009

 Art and Soul II week-end


Programme – Friday 3d of April

3 p.m the program will start with a visit to the following galleries:

– Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Show: Cecília Costa

– Galeria Presença. Show: Exposição Miguel Branco e Brian Cronin

– Galeria Quadrado Azul. Exposição

– Galeria Graça Brandão. Show : Miguel Soares

Miguel Soares

– Fernando Santos. Show:  Gerardo Burmester

– Galeria Alvarez http:

-Por Amor a Arte

– Inc Livros O’Porto’s boutique bookshop specialized in Art books.

 A different Port Wine will be offered in each visited space.

9.p.m Dinner offered by Fernando Santos at his Gallery.


Programme Saturday 4th ofApril

10 am – 12am – Guided tour by Curator Ulrich Lock of Contemporary Art Museum Foundation of Serralves

12 am – 1 pm Presentation of ADIAC’s new monografy of artist Miguel Branco with texts by Marc Gisbourne and Manuel Castro Caldas in the Library of the Museum.

1 pm – 3pm Lunch at the Museum or private collector

3 pm – 4 Visit to Culturgest Porto

5 pm Guided tour of Casa da Musica, O’Porto new Music Center designed by Architect Rem Koolhaas

6 pm Change at the hotel

7 pm Visit of a private collection (or reception at Town Hall).

9 pm Dinner at Palacio da Bolsa offered by the Comercial Association of O’Porto


Programme Sunday 5th of April

10am – 11am Presentation of Anamnese (A program that provides information on most of Portuguese contemporary artists) at Ilídio Pinho Foundation and exhibition of part of the collection by the curator Miguel Von Haffe Perez.

11h30 Visit of a private collection

13h00 Lunch at Mário Sequeira Galery in Braga

 End of Art & Soul II Weekend programme.

Week-end Art & Soul II O’Porto

3,4,5 of  April 2009 – registration details

The Art and Soul week-end has been designed to introduce the Portuguese artistic scene to foreign collectors as well as sharing time with ADIAC members, Portuguese collectors, artists, gallerists and curators. In 2009 the meeting will take place in O’Porto and its surroundings. We will use the opportunity to improve your knowledge of Port wine and Portuguese gastronomy.



The entire program is free except the hotel; however we negotiated a 50% discount (100 euros per night for a double bed room) in the most traditional Hotel in Town, which belongs to a Collector:

Hôtel Infante de Sagres


Please book your room directly with the hotel, mentioning ADIAC in order to benefit of the offered discount :

by e-mail   (attention Mrs Sandra Soares)


or by phone: +351 223 398 500  Fax: +351 223 398 599
 Confirmation of attendance

Attendance is limited to 60 foreign guests. We would appreciate if you could confirm your presence as soon as possible.

 1) NAME :


2) NAME :








Please return this information as a completed page either

by fax to 00 351 21 382 91

or by e-mail to

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