Activities 2009




Obtaining  VIP passes for members not on ARCO list. The suggested program includes the visit of private collections during an afternoon, followed by a dinner. 


End of February

ADIAC’s General Assembly in Lisbon. A small program will be organized for

the occasion.


Week-end ART & SOUL II. 3/4/5 of April


The celebration  ADIAC’s 4th birthday wil take place in O’Porto and we will

launch our 7th monograph, Miguel Branco (see the full program on the site).



Art Brussels  23 to 27 of April

Visit of private collections Fiday, Saturday and Sunday. Full program will be sent in November.


 “Traveling around Art” (Sofia Barroso) 2009 Program:


 Texas 21to 28 of February. 10 days

Destination: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio…


 Tefaf Maastricht.  13 to 15 of March

Destination: Maastricht


 Armory Show NY  26 to 29 March


 Frieze Art Fair. London. 15-18 October 09


 To be determined either: Paris Photo. 13 to 16 of November or FIAC. Paris. 23-27 October



Bienal de Veneza. 

Em Junho a semana a seguir a inauguração



7.  Bienal de Atenas

e Bienal de Istambul. 8 sept- 4 nov 09

Destino: Madrid- Atenas- Istambul- Madrid

 Terça-feira 7 a domingo 12 de Outubro. 2 noites em Atenas y 3 em Istambul

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