Activities 2008



Since the beginning of the year ADIAC promoted the following activities:



Obtaining VIP passes for members still not in ARCO list.

Dinner party at Michel Soskine where Gabriela Albergaria, Jorge Queiroz, Monica Machado, Pedro Valdez Cardoso, Manuel Caeiro were exhibited.


Visit to the private collection of Oliva Arauna.



A trip to the  Armory Show was organized. Other fairs were visited: Pulse, Nada, Volta, as well as private collections and exhibitions spaces (Guggenheim,Withney Museum, New Museum, MOMA).


Week-end Art&Soul 


This yearly week-end  aims to mix foreign  and portuguese collectors to discover the portuguese art scene. Lisbon contemporary art centers were visited and collectors were hosted by their directors: Museu Berardo, Fundação Elipse.During the week-end a big party was organized for the inauguration of the studio of Joana Vasconcelos. A visit to the studio of Miguel Palma, visiting from NY was organized. Next day, a lunch at Quinta da Bacalhoa for the celebration of ADIAC’s 3 birthday and the launching of João Pedro Vale biography.In collaboration with Museu Berardo and the help of it’s Director Mr. Jean-François Chougnet. Works of artists edited by ADIAC were exhibited. 



Future events for the year:


Frieze Art Fair (trip organized by Artexpress)

Destination: London

From October 16 to 19  (3 nights).

Hotel : Melia Whitte house.



Artissima 15

Destination: Turim.

From November 6 to 9 of November 2008

(chek program and hotel list).


Arte Lisboa (Provisional program)

Saturday 22 of November dinner (venue to be determined)


11h Visit to studio Miguel Branco (ADIAC’s next publication) in CHIADO

13h Lunch at Caroline Pages gallery. Artists exhibited Francisco da Mata (PT), Lori Hersberger (CH) et Esther Stocker (IT).


3. Art Basel Miami Beach. ( Program Artexpress). 4-7/12/08

Continuation to São Paulo Bienale .  From 11/11 to 16/12 2008

First option: Madrid- Miami- São Paulo- Madrid.

Dates: departure, Wednesday 3 December, return Saturday 13 (arrival 14)

10th or 11th, daily trip to Belo Horizonte.

Suggested hotels:

 Miami: Delano

São Paulo: Emiliano

Second option: Madrid- Miami- Madrid

dates: departure, Wednesday 3 of December; return Sunday 7 (arrival 8)


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