Created in April 2005 as a non-profit Association, ADIAC-Portugal (Association for the International Divulgation of Contemporary Art) pretends to mobilize collectors and contemporary art lovers to promote artists residing in Portugal or from Portuguese origin and to promote their international image.


The creation of ADIAC is due to the realization by certain collectors of the necessity to promote artists residing in Portuguese speaking countries, which do currently lack international recognition.


Promoted by private collectors, ADIAC-Portugal aims at contributing to the promotion and divulgation of artists residing in Portuguese speaking countries, promoting its national and international expansion.


Not present until know as an organized group, collectors pretend becoming active players, at the same level as institutions or Art galleries, and represent an alternative, offering a new vision to the public and confirming its choices, as well as its function of divulgation of the Portuguese Art scene.

Wishing to communicate its passion and to make aware large audiences regarding the vitality of the creation of contemporary art in Portuguese speaking countries, ADIAC-Portugal members have the following objectives:


ADIAC main objective is the promotion of artists residing in Portuguese speaking countries through the development of a collecting state of mind proper to stimulate artistic world, participating actively in:

-Editing monographs and artistic books (essential tools for the understanding of an artist work and the divulgation of his work). Since its inception the following books were edited:

2005 Miguel Palma

-2006 António Júlio Duarte, Vasco Araújo

-2007 Joana Vasconcelos, “Herbes folles” by Gabriela Albergaria

-2008 João Pedro Vale

-Next publication

-2009 Miguel Branco

 Special occasions such as Biennales and art fairs have been used for the book launches (Arco 2007, Biennale de Venice 2007, FIAC (Artcurial) 2007).


 –Divulgation of artist creations abroad:

Thanks to ADIAC Almine Rech did a show of Miguel Palma in Paris. Joana Vasconcelos joined Natalie Obadia Galerie and Michel Soskine did in Madrid an exhibition of five Portuguese artists not represented by Spanish galleries: Gabriela Albergaria, Jorge Queiroz, Pedro Valdez Cardoso, Monica Machado, Manuel Caeiro. ADIAC is also at the origin of Miguel Palma Location 1 ( N.Y)stay and Joana Vasconcelos exhibition at Wallsall in 2007.During the 2007 Venice Biennale and in collaboration with Artcurial it presented three works of Joana Vasconcelos in the Palazzo Lucchesci.

Moreover, the ADIAC wishes to associate its book launches with exhibitions abroad, using the publication as a mean to present works outside Portugal and

Other activities:

-Organizing private visits for its members and foreign visitors of private collections and artist studios, receiving numerous associations such as ADIAF (its French peer), the friends of the Palais de Tokyo, Foto Colectania or Stanford Museum friends.

-The yearly Art & Soul week-end, which takes place in April for the celebration of ADIAC birthday, brings together foreign collectors and ADIAC members in order to discover different aspects of the Portuguese art scene.

 – ADIAC also organizes trips to visit exhibitions, art events (biennales, art fairs), new exhibition places, private collections and artists studios. 

2005 Bienal de Veneza, FIAC

2006 ARCO, Bienal de São Paulo, Miami Basel

2007 ARCO, Bienal de Veneza, Palma de Maiorca, Leon,  FIAC, Galiza

2008 ARCO, Armory Show NY

-Coordination in the borrowing of works belonging to the members for temporary exhibitions



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